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“Work hard, save money and eventually you can afford a house and retirement”. If that sounds too good to be true, it just may be.

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This is a place where families can find unbiased tools and tips to help Manitobans start talking about money together.

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Three types of pension plans and what you should know about them

Did you know not all pension plans are created equal, and in most cases you won’t have a choice as to what type of pension plan you can join. If you already belong to a plan or if you are considering a new job opportunity that offers a pension plan, here is what you should know about the different plan types.

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Four ways that protecting our planet and finances go hand-in-hand

Earth Day is both a celebration of our planet and a reminder to take care of it. Have you ever considered by taking care of the Earth, just like when we take care of our homes, in the long- run, we can save money?

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World Health Day - Four reasons why being financially healthy is important for Manitobans

World Health Day is celebrated annually on April 7th, and this year’s theme is “Supporting financial health for everyone”. This theme will raise awareness and improve the understanding of the importance of financial health for everyone’s overall wellbeing.

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The Pink Tax: Four steps you can take to avoid the tax

The “Pink Tax” is a term used to describe the phenomenon where goods and services marketed specifically to women, are priced higher when compared to similar goods and services marketed to men.

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ESG Investing: Short-term Yield vs. Long-term Benefit

Investing in ESG companies can be a good way to make money while also having a net positive impact on society and the environment.

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A Reason to Look Forward to Tax Season

Monday, Feb. 20, 2023 is the beginning of Tax Season, and the first day Canadians can file an income tax and benefit return for 2022. You see, you may be eligible for considerable benefits you didn’t know about, and to apply for those government benefits, you must file your income taxes!

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Income Boosting Benefits and How To Get Them

For families on social assistance with children, benefit income can add up to almost 40% of their annual household income. Evidence from Canada and the U.S. shows that many low-income earners can quickly increase their family’s income by as much as 50% by accessing benefits they are entitled to.

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“What will happen to my child after I’m gone?”

Parents of children with an intellectual disability often worry about what the future holds, and at some point have to ask the question, “What will happen to them when I am gone?”

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