Insurance Fraud

Exaggerating the losses in an insurance claim or claiming a loss on something that was never owned can be considered insurance fraud.


Steering Clear of Mortgage Fraud – Part 1

Borrowers are educated about how to avoid mortgage fraud


The Red Flags of Mortgage Fraud -Part 2

Knowledge is Power: Protect Yourself from Mortgage Fraud


Types of fraudBeing aware of common scams and schemes can give you an advantage if you or someone you know is being targeted by fraudsters. Although investment frauds are most common, real estate fraud is also prevalent, as are other types—wherever there’s money, there are unscrupulous people looking to make a fast buck. Information on each type of fraud listed below can also be found at the website.


Affinity Fraud
Binary Options Fraud
Credit Cards and Investing
Cryptocurrency Fraud
Forex Scams
Insider Trading
Insurance Fraud
Mortgage Fraud
Offshore Investments
Ponzi/Pyramid Schemes
Prime Bank Schemes
Pump and Dump Schemes
Recovery Room Scams
RRSP Unlocking Scam