The Pink Tax: Four steps you can take to avoid the tax

    The “Pink Tax” is a term used to describe the phenomenon where goods and services marketed specifically to women, are priced higher when compared to similar goods and services marketed to men. This discriminatory pricing is found across a wide range of products, from personal care items such as razors and shampoo, to items such […]

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    A Reason to Look Forward to Tax Season

    As we continue to barrel through a so-far remarkably warm winter in much of Manitoba, February fun is on the horizon in the form of cross-country skiing, ice fishing, skating, and the world-famous Festival Du Voyageur! Sure, Valentine’s Day is nice for some folks, especially if you have a sweet tooth, but the real date […]

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    Income Boosting Benefits and How To Get Them

    For families on social assistance with children, benefit income can add up to almost 40% of their annual household income. Evidence from Canada and the U.S. shows that many low-income earners can quickly increase their family’s income by as much as 50% by accessing benefits they are entitled to. TOOLS and STRATEGIES to ACCESS BENEFITS […]

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    “SIMPLY” having a wonderful Christmas time – gift giving guide

    The holiday season can be a time of stress for many people. An increase in activities and gatherings (or conversely, isolation), the pressure to pick the best gifts for those on your shopping list and of course, the financial burden that goes along with all of this. For many of us, gifts are not really […]

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    “What will happen to my child after I’m gone?” 

    Parents of children with an intellectual disability often worry about what the future holds, and at some point have to ask the question, “What will happen to them when I am gone?” In a fast-paced world, with technology at our fingertips, we can quickly access information on a wide array of topics. But for someone […]

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    The CPP: Guaranteed Stability in an Unpredictable World

    We all know there are few guarantees in life. That new comedy series streaming on Netflix? Canceled. The great new lunch place across from your work? Closed. The neighbour who always gets your mail when you’re away? Moving. But there are some very important things we can confidently rely on. It came as a relief […]

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    Youth panelist shares three simple steps young adults can take to get ahead financially

              Imagine you are 60-years-old, and that you have over $3-million invested, and it was growing? I mean, how would your life be? Cheerful? Calm? Stress-free and worry-free, regarding your financial future? But here is the truth, many Canadians are not on track, and may never be able, to retire comfortably. […]

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    Financial Advice via Social Media – the Rise of the Finfluencer

    For many people under 40, interest in social media sources for financial information, rather than traditional media, is a growing trend. Interest in investment apps, robo-advisers, and investment-focused social accounts has surged with Gen Z and Millennials over the past two years. Enter the so-called ‘finfluencer.’ As mentioned in our earlier post, videos on TikTok, […]

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    All that Pet Love Comes at a Cost

    All that Pet Love Comes at a Cost October is Adopt a Dog & Pet Month which is a great time to focus on bringing in a new “fur baby” into your life. I currently enjoy the companionship of a two-year-old, pure-bred border collie, Sage. As many proud moms would say, she is both beautiful […]

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    Youth Needed for New Podcast Series

    Youth participants needed for financial services podcast To help grow the financial knowledge of younger Manitobans, the MoneySmart Manitoba be producing it’s *second* official podcast, highlighting the financial issues and challenges facing younger people today. MoneySmart is now recruiting a panel consisting of Manitoba residents, between the ages of 18-34, who are open to participating […]

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