How one Manitoban lost $500,000 in a brand-hijacking scheme.

    We all know Little Red Riding Hood or some variation of her story, and we learn early on in our lives to watch out for a wolf in granny’s clothing. Unscrupulous individuals hiding their true intentions by disguising themselves as people we know and trust is a tale as old as time. A new and […]

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    Understanding Regulatory Alerts and Cautions

                Let’s say you have $500 you’re considering investing. You see a pretty slick ad on Facebook for an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of an exciting new financial company. It could be legitimate, or it could be a fraud. One of the easiest things to check […]

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    Be the Change – Let’s Talk About Fraud

    I remember when my dad’s bike was stolen as a kid – from our garage. We were all shaken after the event, and couldn’t believe how close the thief got to us. After the bike was stolen, my dad did a few things to combat the situation – he told our neighbours so others were […]

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    Podcast Producer Moira Donovan Helps Shine a Light on Investment Fraud

    Investment fraud is frequently in the news, but for me, the true impact only fully sunk in when producing Money Smart Manitoba’s Time to Call Out Fraud Podcast. Hearing from victims and experts first hand helped me see how being targeted by fraud affects people’s lives: it causes people to feel shame, weakens their sense […]

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    How to be an Investment Fraud Warrior in Five Easy Steps

    war·ri·or/ˈwôrēər/ noun (especially in former times) a brave or experienced soldier or fighter. When COVID hit and I found myself working from home, I quickly purchased a desk to avoid working at my dining room table. Being a proponent of “reuse and recyle” I turned to Facebook Marketplace and negotiated a deal on a desk […]

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    How to Protect Your Money In Less Than Five Minutes

    I receive calls every week from across Manitoba from people of every age who have lost money to investment fraud. Some have lost as little as $250 and some as much as $600,000. Regardless of the amount, the bottom line is that once you hand your money over to a fraudster, it is very unlikely […]

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    Far away From Family: Three things we can do to protect loved ones from the financial pitfalls of isolation

    I can remember visiting my grandma well into her 90’s and I always marveled at the phone calls and drop in visitors that she had from family and friends. The phone calls and visits were instrumental in keeping her connected to and safe from the outside world. My grandma had eight children and 46 grandchildren, […]

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    Easy Habits to Avoid Investment Fraud

    “What’s the first thing you do when you get into a car?” “Buckle your seatbelt?” “No.” “Check the mirrors?” “Nope.” “Start the car… ?” “Lock your doors.” My driving instructor was a newcomer to Canada, and grew up in a city with a very serious crime problem. Although Winnipeg is relatively much safer, he made […]

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    How to Spot an Investment Scam Like a Pro – Pt.2

    PART TWO of TWO A MoneySmart Guest Blog Rule 3# – Be wary of high-pressure tactics and a need to ‘act fast’ I use a pseudonym, covert email address and phone number to hide my identity as a government investigator. Given the suspect information that I have uncovered so far, I request more information from […]

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    How to Spot an Investment Scam Like a Pro – Part 1

    PART ONE of TWO A MoneySmart Guest Blog Investment scams are an unfortunate fact of life in Canada. They are often sophisticated operations, run by highly-skilled, smooth-talking people who have years of experience in committing fraud. Well-educated and intelligent people are taken in by investment scams all the time. So how do you protect yourself […]

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