Budget Friendly Food Tips for Non-Coupon Clippers

    Do you clip coupons, browse flyers or use money saving grocery apps? If so, you’re already using some great strategies for saving money on groceries. Keep doing what you’re doing! If you’re like me and can’t get into the routine of clipping coupons or scanning flyers, don’t worry, there are other ways to stay on […]

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    5 tips to help you explore Manitoba for less this summer

    A MoneySmart Guest Blog There are so many adventures to be had close to home in Manitoba. And when you’re close to home and exploring the land around you, it’s easier to find ways to save while still having a summer adventure that’s worth every penny. Here are just a few tips to help you […]

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    10 budget-friendly ways to embrace the best of Manitoba this summer

    Are you ready to get out and about again? Or are you still wanting some armchair experiences?  Here are 10 ways for all Manitobans to experience some budget-friendly activities and some of the best our province has to offer. We have all been cooped up for the last 16 months through the pandemic, but with […]

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    Couples and Money: Lessons from the Toilet Paper Aisle

    As a marketer, I rely on the truism of the “two types of people in the world”: for example, there are those who “invest” in a premium brand of toilet paper and those who prefer to save on this necessity with econo-brands. Now follow me – and these two types of people – to the […]

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    The Gift of Financial Literacy – Pt. 2

    Four Books To Give the Gift of Financial Literacy this Holiday Season – Pt. 2: For Adults COVID-19 has brought two financial extremes to light. There are people who are suffering great financial distress due to job loss, business closures and high levels of consumer debt. At the other end of the spectrum, there are […]

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    The Gift of Financial Literacy – Pt. 1

    Four Books To Give the Gift of Financial Literacy this Holiday Season Part 1: Children’s Books Did you know that a children’s picture book can tell a hundred stories, and teach a few lessons too? Books can be a fantastic way to introduce kids to and teach them about the importance of financial literacy. When […]

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    Giving Back to Our Seniors

    Giving Back – to all the fantastic older people who have left an impact on our lives I was fortunate enough to have three of my four grandparents live well in to their 90s, and one, in fact, was 102 when she passed away. Growing up, I had the benefit of their experience, wisdom and […]

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    Advice for New Parents: ABCs and RESPs

    When I first became a dad in 2011, my family and friends gave me two pieces of advice about kids that have proven true; Life comes in balance – the good and the bad – it will even out over time. Invest early in an RESP. While the first item is a bit more philosophical, […]

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    The Prenuptial – Naughty, Nice or Perhaps Just Plain Necessary?

    I began working as a babysitter for neighborhood families when I was 12. Sometimes there was one kid and sometimes there were upwards of four. My pay – .50/hour and $1.00 after midnight. This is when I started saving. When I was 15, I worked as a sales clerk at Marks and Spencer in St. […]

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    Money: It’s a family affair

    It’s amazing to me that when I’m waiting in line or at an event, I hear people talking openly about their dating escapades, very personal health issues or even private family matters. But have you ever noticed that in these situations you rarely catch people talking about their finances?  Maybe if it’s about a recent […]

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