• Three types of pension plans and what you should know about them We’ve all heard our friends and family members talk about pension plans at some point in their life, usually when they start a new job or are getting close to retirement. A friend of mine recently joined a pension plan at their new job but when I asked what kind of pension plan it is, […] Posted in: Family Matters, Pension2 min read
  • Four ways that protecting our planet and finances go hand-in-hand Earth Day is both a celebration of our planet and a reminder to take care of it. On April 22nd, people from around the world will come together to appreciate the beauty of our planet, our home. Have you ever considered by taking care of the Earth, just like when we take care of our […] Posted in: Family Matters, Investing1.5 min read
  • World Health Day – Four reasons why being financially healthy is important for Manitobans World Health Day is celebrated annually on April 7th, and this year’s theme is “Supporting financial health for everyone”. This theme will raise awareness and improve the understanding of the importance of financial health for everyone’s overall wellbeing. Financial health is an essential part of health, and it can have a huge impact on the […] Posted in: Family Matters1 min read
  • The Pink Tax: Four steps you can take to avoid the tax The “Pink Tax” is a term used to describe the phenomenon where goods and services marketed specifically to women, are priced higher when compared to similar goods and services marketed to men. This discriminatory pricing is found across a wide range of products, from personal care items such as razors and shampoo, to items such […] Posted in: Family Matters, Investing3 min read
  • ESG Investing: Short-term Yield vs. Long-term Benefit Imagine a farmer deciding what crops to plant in a field. The farmer has two different types of seeds to choose from: ‘regular’ seeds and ‘organic’ seeds. The regular seeds will grow quickly and produce a large yield, but they require chemical fertilizers and pesticides, which can harm the environment and the health of the […] Posted in: Investing4 min read
  • A Reason to Look Forward to Tax Season As we continue to barrel through a so-far remarkably warm winter in much of Manitoba, February fun is on the horizon in the form of cross-country skiing, ice fishing, skating, and the world-famous Festival Du Voyageur! Sure, Valentine’s Day is nice for some folks, especially if you have a sweet tooth, but the real date […] Posted in: Family Matters, Guest Blog4 min read

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