• “What will happen to my child after I’m gone?”  Parents of children with an intellectual disability often worry about what the future holds, and at some point have to ask the question, “What will happen to them when I am gone?” In a fast-paced world, with technology at our fingertips, we can quickly access information on a wide array of topics. But for someone […] Posted in: Family Matters, Guest Blog2 min read
  • The CPP: Guaranteed Stability in an Unpredictable World We all know there are few guarantees in life. That new comedy series streaming on Netflix? Canceled. The great new lunch place across from your work? Closed. The neighbour who always gets your mail when you’re away? Moving. But there are some very important things we can confidently rely on. It came as a relief […] Posted in: Family Matters, Investing3 min read
  • Youth panelist shares three simple steps young adults can take to get ahead financially           Imagine you are 60-years-old, and that you have over $3-million invested, and it was growing? I mean, how would your life be? Cheerful? Calm? Stress-free and worry-free, regarding your financial future? But here is the truth, many Canadians are not on track, and may never be able, to retire comfortably. […] Posted in: Family Matters, Guest Blog, Home Ownership, Investing3 min read
  • Financial Advice via Social Media – the Rise of the Finfluencer For many people under 40, interest in social media sources for financial information, rather than traditional media, is a growing trend. Interest in investment apps, robo-advisers, and investment-focused social accounts has surged with Gen Z and Millennials over the past two years. Enter the so-called ‘finfluencer.’ As mentioned in our earlier post, videos on TikTok, […] Posted in: Family Matters, Investing3 min read
  • Understanding Regulatory Alerts and Cautions             Let’s say you have $500 you’re considering investing. You see a pretty slick ad on Facebook for an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of an exciting new financial company. It could be legitimate, or it could be a fraud. One of the easiest things to check […] Posted in: Fraud, Investing4 min read
  • All that Pet Love Comes at a Cost All that Pet Love Comes at a Cost October is Adopt a Dog & Pet Month which is a great time to focus on bringing in a new “fur baby” into your life. I currently enjoy the companionship of a two-year-old, pure-bred border collie, Sage. As many proud moms would say, she is both beautiful […] Posted in: Family Matters2 min read

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