• How to be an Investment Fraud Warrior in Five Easy Steps war·ri·or/ˈwôrēər/ noun (especially in former times) a brave or experienced soldier or fighter. When COVID hit and I found myself working from home, I quickly purchased a desk to avoid working at my dining room table. Being a proponent of “reuse and recyle” I turned to Facebook Marketplace and negotiated a deal on a desk […] Posted in: Fraud, Investing4 min read
  • Three Key Real Estate Rules That Effect You in 2022 As a kid I recall rules being a pain. It made no sense to me that I needed to go to bed at 8:00 PM in the summer when it was still light out, I wasn’t the least bit tired and all the other neighbourhood kids got to stay up. Nor did it make sense […] Posted in: Family Matters, Home Ownership3 min read
  • How to Protect Your Money In Less Than Five Minutes I receive calls every week from across Manitoba from people of every age who have lost money to investment fraud. Some have lost as little as $250 and some as much as $600,000. Regardless of the amount, the bottom line is that once you hand your money over to a fraudster, it is very unlikely […] Posted in: Family Matters, Fraud3 min read
  • Is life insurance right for you? Recently my mom and I were talking about estate planning and the topic of life insurance came up. As a single person without any dependents, life insurance has not been something that I have contemplated. She and my dad on the other hand, purchased a policy when they had their first child. Their primary concern […] Posted in: Family Matters, Insurance4 min read
  • My basement flooded. Five reasons why home insurance is so important It was the Friday night of the August long weekend and I was all ready to step out the door for the start of my summer holidays when I surprisingly stepped in to a large puddle of water… in my basement. Looking further, I discovered that my three-year-old hot water tank had been leaking and […] Posted in: Family Matters, Home Ownership, Insurance4 min read
  • Who Can You Trust? Four steps to naming a TCP You’re likely familiar with the ‘Trust Fall’ – a team-building exercise that has been around long enough now that it’s already been parodied to death in film and television. More recent research into the nature of workplace community and productivity has shown the exercise itself is not all that effective in building real, long-term trust […] Posted in: Family Matters, Helping Seniors6 min read

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