• How to Spot an Investment Scam Like a Pro – Part 1 PART ONE of TWO A MoneySmart Guest Blog Investment scams are an unfortunate fact of life in Canada. They are often sophisticated operations, run by highly-skilled, smooth-talking people who have years of experience in committing fraud. Well-educated and intelligent people are taken in by investment scams all the time. So how do you protect yourself […] Posted in: Fraud, Guest Blog4 min read
  • Credit and Debit Cards and the COVID Crisis If you had asked me a year ago, I’d say with certainty that when it comes to choosing between paying with cash or credit, a little pain is worth substantial gain—cash is a little less convenient sometimes, but it pays off in the end. Since COVID-19 has struck, many businesses and organizations have asked us […] Posted in: COVID 193 min read
  • 5 Things to Think About During a Sudden Stock Market Correction A MoneySmart Guest Blog As with any brand new development that may impact global or local economies, there is still much to learn about COVID-19 and what it means for financial markets in the short- and long-term. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the common concerns people have when global events cause […] Posted in: Guest Blog7 min read
  • If you’re single, is it 2x the effort to reach your financial goals? A MoneySmart Guest Blog Being told that I could never do it on my own actually motivated me. Those who voiced this belief were probably expressing their own fears. I am sharing the lessons I learned on how to manage my finances by myself after finishing my undergraduate during a recession. These lessons are now […] Posted in: Guest Blog4 min read
  • Advice for New Parents: ABCs and RESPs When I first became a dad in 2011, my family and friends gave me two pieces of advice about kids that have proven true; Life comes in balance – the good and the bad – it will even out over time. Invest early in an RESP. While the first item is a bit more philosophical, […] Posted in: Family Matters5 min read
  • The Prenuptial – Naughty, Nice or Perhaps Just Plain Necessary? I began working as a babysitter for neighborhood families when I was 12. Sometimes there was one kid and sometimes there were upwards of four. My pay – .50/hour and $1.00 after midnight. This is when I started saving. When I was 15, I worked as a sales clerk at Marks and Spencer in St. […] Posted in: Family Matters4 min read

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