• My basement flooded. Five reasons why home insurance is so important It was the Friday night of the August long weekend and I was all ready to step out the door for the start of my summer holidays when I surprisingly stepped in to a large puddle of water… in my basement. Looking further, I discovered that my three-year-old hot water tank had been leaking and […] Posted in: Family Matters, Home Ownership, Insurance4 min read
  • Who Can You Trust? Four steps to naming a TCP You’re likely familiar with the ‘Trust Fall’ – a team-building exercise that has been around long enough now that it’s already been parodied to death in film and television. More recent research into the nature of workplace community and productivity has shown the exercise itself is not all that effective in building real, long-term trust […] Posted in: Family Matters, Helping Seniors6 min read
  • Money Matters at Your Library: Popular Reads on Personal Finance A MoneySmart Guest Blog Your public library is an incredible resource for free information and entertainment. You can borrow books, movies, magazines and video games, use the computers and WiFi, enjoy a concert, or simply meet up with a friend. The library has something for everyone. Libraries are also budget-friendly with expert staff to help […] Posted in: Family Matters, Guest Blog5 min read
  • Budget Friendly Food Tips for Non-Coupon Clippers Do you clip coupons, browse flyers or use money saving grocery apps? If so, you’re already using some great strategies for saving money on groceries. Keep doing what you’re doing! If you’re like me and can’t get into the routine of clipping coupons or scanning flyers, don’t worry, there are other ways to stay on […] Posted in: Family Matters, Guest Blog7 min read
  • 5 tips to help you explore Manitoba for less this summer A MoneySmart Guest Blog There are so many adventures to be had close to home in Manitoba. And when you’re close to home and exploring the land around you, it’s easier to find ways to save while still having a summer adventure that’s worth every penny. Here are just a few tips to help you […] Posted in: Family Matters, Guest Blog6 min read
  • 10 budget-friendly ways to embrace the best of Manitoba this summer Are you ready to get out and about again? Or are you still wanting some armchair experiences?  Here are 10 ways for all Manitobans to experience some budget-friendly activities and some of the best our province has to offer. We have all been cooped up for the last 16 months through the pandemic, but with […] Posted in: COVID 19, Family Matters4 min read

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